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In 1959 the Hamilton-Ditmore company began producing a line of gas logs under the "Flicker Flame" brand. Flicker Flame gas logs were noted for their exceptionally realistic logs, which were molded from the branches of real trees. Those original designs still form the basis of Hargrove's Classic Oak, Grand Oak, and Aspen Timbers log sets today.

In 1984, Gary and Cindy Hargrove purchased the assets of the company and formed the Hargrove Manufacturing Corporation. Shortly thereafter, production facilities were moved to Sand Springs, Oklahoma and the manufacturing processes were improved to yield greater production efficiency while maintaining the realism and quality that Flicker Flame logs were known for. To this day, Hargrove gas logs maintain the detail that can only be achieved through handcrafted logs.

Hargrove began with a modest production plant, where Gary and Cindy personally produced each log set sold. As word of Hargrove gas logs spread, the company quickly outgrew the original Sand Springs plant and required expansion. Since then, the facility has grown to a seven building complex of offices and production areas.

Over the years, improvements in mold making, log formulas, and controls have increased manufacturing efficiency in virtually every aspect of production. Yet two simple premises have never changed – Hargrove still molds each log from real trees, and each and every log is meticulously hand crafted.

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